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HumanFirst is the labeling and data engineering platform for analytics, agent augmentation and automation applications
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Your NLU/NLP training data deserves a better lifecycle.

Continuously improve the coverage and accuracy of your NLU
10x labeling and data engineering efficiency

HumanFirst's ML-powered workflows reduce the cost and effort required to build and curate NLU training datasets.

Transform voice and text data from your customer support and sales channels into highly accurate training data for NLU to power your IVR triage & routing, analytics and agent augmentation roadmaps.

NLU/NLP at scale

Organize intents in cascading hierarchies/taxonomies that make it possible build NLU with high coverage and accuracy, even for the long-tail customer requests.

HumanFirst allows you to easily manage thousands of intents, with millions of training phrases.

Easy deployment of NLU/NLP

Export your training data to deploy within your own models (on DialogFlow or any other NLU provider), or use HumanFirst’s own light-weight and powerful NLU API.

HumanFirst's NLU is multilingual, supports hierarchical intents and conversational fragments.

Managing 1000+ intents to power call analytics and agent augmentation


Prior to HumanFirst, eHealth's data science and machine learning team was managing their AI training data with Excel, around ad-hoc workflows that made it almost impossible to improve coverage and accuracy of the NLU/NLP.


Centralizing their labeling and data engineering activities in HumanFirst is allowing eHealth to achieve the scale necessary to support their aggressive and innovation roadmap for call center analytics, agent augmentation and automation.

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Data management

“We would never go back to doing this without HumanFirst”

Zhe Jia

Senior Data Scientist @ eHealth

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Future-proof features

Ready for your MVP, and to take over the world.

Team collaboration

Invite your team  for shared projects, and create individual workspaces for experimentation

Multi-tenant architecture

Manage multiple customer projects from a single account, give customers access for increased collaboration and transparency

Integrations for your data

Import customer conversations in a single click from Zendesk, LiveChat Inc and Front - and easily add an integration for your own platform


Out-of-the-box NLU supports 16 languages, allowing to train a single language and correctly predict user utterances in any of those

Data privacy built-in 

GDPR compliant, integration with Google DLP service to anonymize data before it gets uploaded (beta) - please see our security

No black-box, No lock-in

No matter where your research takes you, our #1 focus is being the NLU training data layer for whatever NLU model or provider you use

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