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The Data Hub for Chatbot NLU

HumanFirst is the labeling and data engineering platform for chatbot development studios
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Value across the development lifecycle

Continuously improve the coverage and accuracy of your NLU
Accelerate your sales cycle

Identifying what intents a chatbot or virtual assistant needs to support is often the initial analysis step of any project. HumanFirst allows non-technical teams to do this faster, more efficiently, and with higher transparency.

Build trust with customers thanks to a streamlined workflow that provides transparency into the labeling and training process.

Reuse training data across projects

Modularizing your intent training data makes it easy to reuse across projects, reducing development time and cost and leading to higher quality and accuracy of NLU.

HumanFirst provides a collaborative  centralized hub to build and maintain ground truth for your data.

10x labeling and data-engineering efficiency

HumanFirst’s ML-assisted workflows make building datasets easy and collaborative.

Start from raw conversational data with bottom-up labeling, or import noisy labeled data and quickly clean it.

Increase post-deployment revenue

Training shouldn’t stop once a chatbot is deployed: continuously improving the coverage and accuracy of a chatbot with real-life data is the difference between a so-so experience and a great one.

Show customers how easy it is to improve a deployed model, and easily convince them to invest in post-deployment services.

Top chatbot development agencies are onboard

How LimeChat accelerated its conversation-driven development by 8.5x using HumanFirst and Rasa.


LimeChat was looking for a better labeling solution, as well as an alternative to Excel to centralize their projects’ NLU data and develop re-usable catalogs of intent classifiers.


Since implementing HumanFirst in their workflow, LimeChat accelerated its conversation-driven development by 8.5x.

Product used

HumanFirst Studio

“We’ve been using Rasa ever since we started LimeChat. HumanFirst’s integration with Rasa has allowed us to continuously improve our Rasa projects with conversational data generated from our deployed bots. Thanks to HumanFirst’s active-learning workflows and collaborative solution, we can now ship new projects and improve existing ones in record time.”

Nikhil Gupta

CEO @ LimeChat

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Future-proof features

Ready for your MVP, and to take over the world.

Team collaboration

Invite your team  for shared projects, and create individual workspaces for experimentation

Multi-tenant architecture

Manage multiple customer projects from a single account, give customers access for increased collaboration and transparency

Integrations for your data

Import customer conversations in a single click from Zendesk, LiveChat Inc and Front - and easily add an integration for your own platform


Out-of-the-box NLU supports 16 languages, allowing to train a single language and correctly predict user utterances in any of those

Data privacy built-in 

GDPR compliant, integration with Google DLP service to anonymize data before it gets uploaded (beta) - please see our security

No black-box, No lock-in

No matter where your research takes you, our #1 focus is being the NLU training data layer for whatever NLU model or provider you use

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