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Accelerate your project or analysis, with the most powerful natural language data exploration and organization experience.

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A hub for your data exploration.

Your call center transcripts, chat logs, customer reviews, surveys, and other qualitative feedback, at your fingertips, with a single tool.

Connect all your data

Explore your live chat and voice call logs, help center search queries, social media conversations, product reviews and more.
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Turn your data into action.

Insights quickly become action plans.

Explore data to gather requirements, evaluate feasibility and prioritize efforts

Harness the power of customer insights to drive marketing decisions and build campaigns that resonate with your audience. We give your marketing team the key to unlocking what your consumers are saying in their unstructured feedback. That, in a word, is gold.

Build, organize and share repositories of labeled verbatims and conversations around any topic or intent.

From live chats to support tickets, your agents are talking to customers every day. Find insights in conversational data to assess agent performance, optimize costs, and understand purchase decisions.

Identify gaps and quality issues in content or knowledge

When it comes to improving KPIs like NPS, CSAT, and churn, it’s all about customer experience! Quickly and easily analyze qualitative data to fully get what your customers are saying - and turn that into a responsive CX program.

Flag trends and signals in data

Product teams need a full view of customer or user feedback to understand what's working, what's not, and what could be next to make great products better.
Derive insights from reviews, surveys, and in-app feedback, and track the performance of individual products and feature releases.

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Go way beyond sentiment analysis.

Understanding natural language data isn't about classifying utterances in positive vs. negative vs. neutral buckets (or high-level topics).

It's about being able to dig into what your specific data is telling you, organizing this data to make it actionable, and sharing it across stakeholder to accelerate decision-making.

Uncover your next priorities.

Your most direct source of truth is what your customers are saying or asking right now.

Operational, competitive & trending issues

"i.e: Who are the main competitors being mentioned during sales calls, and how often are they brought up?"

Automation & Bot development priorities

"i.e: What are top 100 questions being asked in our live chat that we could start automating responses for?"

Agent performance optimization & call disposition

"i.e: are our customer support agents applying the script changes we discussed last week, and correctly offering our new up-sell package to returning customers?"

Sales, marketing and product opportunities

"i.e: did the release we pushed last week reduce the negative feedback we kept receiving about feature X?"