Design and launch NLU models
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Fine-tune your models continuously - rapid iteration,
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Detect Halluncinations
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Custom NLU

Data-driven design that delivers your desired results

HumanFirst helps discover and understand natural language data at scale. Using AI-powered features for indexing, labeling, and clustering, teams can design NLU models right from the start with clear insights and desired performance before development.

Superior performance that scales

Train and test the performance of your custom NLU models with HumanFirst. Leverage LLM and a playground environment to validate data inputs and generated outputs using OpenAI, Cohere, Vertex and more so you can build with confidence and launch with ease.

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Building an intent classification around customer loyalty was a manual process, with workflows that took a top down approach and months to build ended up delivering undesired results.

With HumanFirst, Woolworths group rebuilt entire intent taxonomy using production chat transcripts and utterances in under 2 weeks using HumanFirst Studio.

F1 Score
Increased accuracy
2 months
Time saved

Engineered for Enterprise

Low-code enviroment

Collaborative workspaces

Track data provenance



Flexible data ingestion

Bring your own NLU or LLM

Revisions, diffs, revert, cloning

Advanced user permissions


Horizontally scalable

On-prem deployment

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