HumanFirst Automate

Increase sales and reduce customer support costs.

Provide immediate and proactive answers to repetitive questions during the customer discovery, pre-sales and post-sales journey.

Your conversational experience awaits.


Forget keyword-based search. Answers is smart-search powered by machine-learning and NLP, trained on your conversation data.

Your customers can re-phrase their question, find their answer faster, and always feel in control.


HumanFirst allows you to add granularity to your answers, to encompass any type of customer query.

HumanFirst makes it easy to discover, organize and continuously improve the coverage and granularity of your Answers.

No live-chat required

Answers is a separate widget, completely independent from your live chat. You can configure it to let customers request your live chat, but it's not required.

Encourage your customers to answer their own questions first, and don't create a bad experience if you don't have the bandwidth.

1. Signup

Sign up (and link your live chat account if you have one - this is optional).

2. Build and train Automate

Your AI understands your customer requests, and guides them in the discovery of your product / service.

3. Deploy the experience

Deploy your AI-powered Automate widget with a single line of code.

Start building Answers, today.

Our solution is designed to help anyone build AI-powered Answers quickly. With clear workflows and a user friendly interface, you’ll quickly be able to deploy a self-serve support experience for your customers. With our free plan (link to pricing), you can start experimenting and building a few Answers using your own data before you start paying.

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