HumanFirst Automate

Self-serve support.

Let customers answer their own questions, and only bring in human agents when they're needed. 

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HumanFirst Automate allows you to build an AI customer support chat experience that feels human in under one hour. No technical skills required.


your conversations from any messaging platform.


AI using your own historical conversational data in 1 hour.

most of your customer support chats on any platform.

Live chat conversations have very repetitive queries, let Automate take care those and only bring in your humans when they're needed most.

Conversational AI
By leveraging deep learning and NLP, HumanFirst will automatically detect customer queries as they are typing.
As customers interact with HumanFirst Automate, your conversational AI will become better and better.
Offload human agents
By automating most of customer support, your human agents will focus on important edge cases instead of repetitive queries.

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Conversations are a data goldmine.

Learn how conversations can tell you everything you need to improve your CX.

How conversational data will change everything.

Understand the NLP and Conversational Analytics Revolution.
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