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 at every step of the conversation journey.

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A game changer for chat teams and conversations.

Like Canned Responses on Steroids
With Playbooks, agents never need to search.
Typical canned responses require agents to learn, search and find the right response -usually leading to errors and longer response time. With Playbooks, customer personas are automatically identified during conversations and the appropriate response (or series of responses) is pushed to the agent.
Don't limit yourself to 20 FAQs
Don't worry about agents learning answers to FAQs, with Playbooks you can have infinite Q/As.
Companies usually limit FAQs with fear of having agents not learn all of them. With Playbooks learning FAQs isn't needed. By leveraging AI, any type of customer query, no matter how granular, can be detected and the right answer is pushed to agents.
Streamlined quality and consistency
Playbooks gives you top-down control over any type of response used by agents.
Canned responses or smart replies are usually created by agents themselves, which might not be up to your standards. With Playbooks, you’ll gain control and you’ll be over your agents shoulder in all conversations. Never has it been this easy to ensure that quality and consistency is streamlined.
Reactive to proactive in 0s
Proactive agents are not common, with Playbooks your agents will drive the conversation.
Agents usually let conversations fall flat after answering a question and let the customer lead the way. With Playbooks, agents will ask the right qualification questions and give the right call to action to drive the conversation to the desired outcome.
Speed of a bot, but with a human touch
Playbooks decreases response time by 5x by giving the right response to agents every single time.
Playbooks gives agents bot-like speed, however with many interesting features like sentence split, conversations always feel human.

"Playbooks is like canned responses on steroids."

HumanFirst's prediction engine automatically identifies user personas during conversations and instantly pushes the right response to agents.

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Playbooks for CS
With Playbooks, agents always ask the right questions.
HumanFirst provides the agent with the right response, and with the follow-up qualification question. Think of it as canned responses on steroids. No more search, no more knowledge base and no more remembering responses. It’s simple, HumanFirst automatically detects any type of question and automatically pushes the right reply to the agent, giving you control of the conversation.
Playbooks for Sales
With Playbooks, your SDRs drive the conversation and are predictably more proactive.
Take your best conversations and build a Playbook for all your agents.
Make sure they're engaging in chit-chat, asking the right qualification questions and giving the right call to actions at the right time in the conversation. Playbooks for sales is like being over your agent’s shoulder during conversations. No more scripts, no more workflows, no more training.
Agents manage more conversations with Playbooks. How many more? Let's find out.
Agents follow a predictable conversation path that you train from your best conversations.
Agents are on-boarded more quickly, and can tackle increasingly deep levels of conversations with ease.
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