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Machine learning made easy.

Labeled datasets

 from your conversations.

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HumanFirst Studio is the fastest and easiest solution to extract labeled datasets from your existing conversations to train AI.

A single data hub for all your conversations.
Integrate your existing conversations across messaging platforms & channels.
HumanFirst works with Zendesk, Intercom, LiveChat Inc, Front, ThruText, TextMagic, and SnapEngage - ask us about our integration roadmap, a lot more platforms are on the way!
A Human-in-the-loop and Machine Learning-powered workflow.
Studio streamlines the processing of conversational data at scale.
Our human-in-the-loop and Machine Learning-powered workflow allows you to quickly and accurately extract actionable data from any conversation data source, in real-time (or when you have the time).
A complete picture of your conversations.
Personas accurately describe your customers.
HumanFirst Studio builds a "conversation journey" that accurately describes each customer interaction. "They are pre-approved" or "They have a questions about rates" are examples of personas that can be revealed with Studio. These personas are used to train AI in order to automatically predict customer personas in future conversations.

Accurately labeled datasets are your competitive advantage.

HumanFirst is the solution to leverage the increasing amount of conversational data that your business generates everyday.

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With HumanFirst, your labeled persona dataset powers a radically better customer experience.


Make your customer support self-serve.


Give your human agents the right reply every time.

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Conversations are a data goldmine.

Learn how conversations can tell you everything you need to improve your CX.

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