HumanFirst Playbooks

Augment your chat agents with AI.

Give your agents immediate and accurate answers that guarantee consistent, high-quality conversations.

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Better than canned responses
and knowledge-bases.

No more searching

Canned responses and knowledge-bases require agents to learn, search and find the right response, leading to errors and longer response time.

Playbooks automatically identify and provide the appropriate response (or series of responses) to the agent.

Train with no limits

AI-powered Playbooks are trained on your conversation data.

Any type of customer query (no matter how granular) can be identified to provide reactive and proactive replies to your agent.

Quality and control

With Playbooks, you gain control and decide what chit-chat, qualification questions, call-to-actions and answers your agents should provide.

Never before has it been this easy to ensure that quality and consistency is achieved across your agents.

Onboarding, simplified

Whether it's your existing agents or new hires, getting humans up to speed is a costly and time-consuming activity.

We make it as simple as inviting them to install our browser extension with a single click. Playbooks will appear instantly overlayed on top of their next conversation, within your live chat platform.


your conversations from any messaging platform.


AI using your own historical conversational data.

most of your customer queries and deflect more than 30% of support tickets.

Building and deploying Playbooks is easy and fun

1. Signup and link

Sign up and link your live chat account in under 2 minutes.

2. Build your Playbooks

AI-powered Playbooks are built and trained on your historical conversational data - we make it easy.

3. Deploy the experience

Give your agents access to your AI-powered Playbooks via our secure browser extension, in one click.

Start building
playbooks, today.

Our solution is designed to help anyone build AI-powered Playbooks quickly. With clear workflows and a user friendly interface, you’ll quickly be able to guarantee your agents create consistent & high-quality conversation experiences.

With our
freemium model, you can start experimenting and build Playbooks using your own data without ever entering credit card information, or sitting through a sales call.
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