Data for conversational AI, without the headache.

Transform voice & text data into deeply custom and accurate natural language understanding, today.
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HumanFirst accelerates
conversational AI development

Real conversations, always in the loop.

HumanFirst Studio makes working with voice and text data to train and maintain natural language understanding NLU models a breeze - upload existing logs and link your real-time conversations once your AI is deployed.

Our machine-learning-assisted workflows replace costly, manual and ad-hoc processes with a seamless experience that allows you to continuously improve the performance of your AI with real data.

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Powerful workflows to discover intents and improve their accuracy.

Guessing what intents you need to train, and coming up with training phrases manually is painful - and often leads to low coverage and accuracy of intents.

HumanFirst helps you discover intents and train them bottom-up from your conversational data (historical and real-time), before and after you deploy.

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The CMS for the long tail of intents

Creating and managing dozens, hundreds (or even thousands) of intents is near-impossible without a robust content management system (CMS).

HumanFirst is that CMS, allowing you to transform your typical "flat" list of intents into a hierarchy that provides complete flexibility to re-organize intents and re-assign their training data.

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Put your data to work, instantly

When you're ready, deploy your intent training data to Dialogflow, Rasa, Watson, Luis and others, and keep building - or use our own NLU Prediction and Query APIs.

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Human-driven workflows, AI superpowers

Tooling for the data analysts, scientists and artists

Use cases

Deeper language understanding unlocks better customer experiences

Conversational analytics

Triage and routing

Agent augmentation

RPA & process automation

Search, FAQs, Q&A

Content moderation and curation

Trusted by 500+ teams building with language

From startups to Fortune 500 companies
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We've been using Rasa ever since we started LimeChat. The HumanFirst <> Rasa integration allowed us to continuously improve our projects with conversational data generated from our deployed bots. We now ship projects and improve existing ones in record time.
Nikhil Gupta
Co-founder, LimeChat
Having been in the IVR space for over 10 years, developing an intent catalog from historical conversational data was painful and required a lot of manual efforts. HumanFirst is introducing an approach and tooling that makes this activity way more efficient and scalable.

Yves Normandin
CEO, Nu Echo
Having more than 1000 intents with 100+ utterances on average, we were finding it difficult (if not almost impossible!) to manage via Excel. The HumanFirst platform has helped efficiently maintain and organize our intents at scale as well as made it easier for our data annotator to edit them, data scientists to build models on them and provide transparency to our business stakeholders.
Joel Prince Varghese
Staff Data Scientist, eHealth


Integrate within your existing workflows and platforms today

Team collaboration

Invite your team  for shared projects, and create individual workspaces for experimentation

Multi-tenant architecture

Manage multiple customer projects from a single account, give customers access for increased collaboration and transparency

Voice & text data

Import customer conversations in a single click from our visual studio, or use the command line  to easily hook into your continuous delivery pipeline


Out-of-the-box NLU supports 16 languages, allowing to train a single language and correctly predict user utterances in any of those

Data privacy built-in 

GDPR compliant cloud offering, and on-prem self-hosted version for enterprise customers

No black-box, No lock-in

Export your NLU training data at any time, to use within your existing NLU pipeline

On-demand labeling & model engineering

We help accelerate your conversational AI projects, with the experienced workforce, training and custom integrations.
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What will you build with the long-tail?

Q&A, Search, triage and smart routing

Your customers have specific questions or need personalized help, quickly build the domain-specific classifiers that help you segment and assist them with automation

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Smart replies, real-time contextual help, automated tagging

Augment the conversations your agents are having with your customers, or the conversations your users are having amonst each other.

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Analytics and metrics

NLU-powered text analytics at scale.

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Don't waste time, get there faster.

Take control of your training data lifecycle.
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