You've heard that data is the new oil.

Your conversational data is a goldmine.

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HumanFirst Studio is the scalable solution to extract customer persona data from your conversations.


all your conversations across messaging platforms.


actionable customer persona data from your conversations at scale

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HumanFirst provides all the tools you need to convert your customer persona data into a better customer experience.

HumanFirst Playbooks augment your agents by correctly predicting customer personas in real-time during conversations, and giving you top-down control over what they should say.
HumanFirst Segment augments your CRM by allowing you to make use of what your customers tell you during conversations, in real-time.
HumanFirst API augments your product, by making it easy to use your customer persona data to train your own AI models (or bots) and to do custom analytics.
HumanFirst Studio

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Customer Support

On-boarding, training, ensuring quality and consistency - all of this is easier with HumanFirst Playbooks.


HumanFirst can ensure your SDRs are asking the right qualification questions and giving the right CTAs every time.
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