One workflow, powerful solutions.

A single hub for all your NLU data

Forget Github, scattered JSON files or multiple NLU platform formats - centralize all of your projects' NLU data into the single most powerful NLU data content management solution.

Organize your NLU data in flexible hierarchies to build and maintain domain-specific templates of intents, that you can easily expand and improve over time. Export any subset of your NLU data at any time, to any NLU or chatbot platform.

Data labeling powered by machine learning

Continuously improving your model's performance requires labeling data before, during, and after deployment.

Upload unlabeled utterances or full conversation log files, or stream your customer's conversations or misclassified utterances in real-time via our API.

Discover and create new classes on-the-fly during the labelling process, and quickly cluster your data using our built-in NLU to label more similar data - easily scale to dozens or even hundreds of classes by organizing them in a powerful and completely flexible hierarchical structure.

Intents and training data managed as first-class citizens

Forget Excel sheets, complex workflows or bloated interfaces - quickly map out, organize and manage the intents you need to support your project.

Invite your colleagues to brainstorm, collaborate, and iterate on your intents and training data during the design process. Our bottom-up workflow allows you to easily organize your list of intents starting from unlabeled data.  

Merge, split and re-organize intents using a simple drag & drop interface to quickly iterate on the final structure.

No more spaghetti data as projects mature

Fix problematic classifications and re-assign training phrases to different intents with a single click: our drag and drop interface allows you to split and merge intents and their training data, to remove duplicates and reduce ambiguity.

Import any labeled data in seconds to provide human reviewers with a machine-learning assisted workflow that integrates within your workflow.

Semantic search made easy

Most development starts with an analysis phase, often dependant on exploring and reviewing raw text data.

HumanFirst's allows you to bootstrap your exploration with full-text search around a keyword or example utterance, then quickly train a custom search classifier that can generalize across your entire dataset, with an active-learning powered semantic search engine.
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