About HumanFirst

We're dedicated to making natural language data fun, easy and useful to work with across teams and use-cases.

Our Thesis

Harnessing natural language data is the key to unlocking better and more powerful product, operations and customer experiences.

It all starts with the data

Being able to easily work with and transform data is the key to  understanding what stories it can tell, and what business value it can unlock.

Every data point is valuable

Whether the data is generated via voice, text, SMS, email, help desk, chatbots, social media other channels - it holds the key to what your customers care about, today.

For all natural language owners

If you have access to natural language data, you should be able to harness and work with it, regardless of your technical skill or use-case.

The best user experience wins

We're obsessed with simple user experiences that make powerful capabilities available to everyone, easily.

There's no magic bullet.

It's the work you put into understanding and transforming your data that determines the quality of tomorrow's results.

Dig into what your data is telling you, organize the output of this activity to make it actionable, and apply your insights and labeled datasets to accelerate development and time to market.

Our Mission

We want to make working with natural language data natural.

We view Excel as one of the most beautiful pieces of software ever created: a simple and completely flexible interface that exposes powerful operations (formulas, pivot tables etc) allowing anyone to organize and transform numbers and tabular data. Whether you use 2% of Excel's capabilities or are a power-user, you still turn to this tool anytime you have data you need to work with.

We aim for HumanFirst to be a similarly ubiquitous tool: a completely flexible interface exposing powerful operations (semantic search, clustering, labeling, disambiguation etc) for organizing and transforming natural language data around the simplest of interfaces, available to anyone.

We believe natural language data is the most untapped resource companies have today.

It has historically been hard and costly to harness natural language data, especially for people with less technical skillsets. By unlocking and democratizing the ability to work with this data, we are creating a generation of natural language owners, who will bridge the gaps between product, customer support, artificial intelligence and human augmentation roadmaps.

The team behind HumanFirst

We're serial entrepreneurs based out of Montreal.