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NLU data.

HumanFirst helps teams deliver better
natural language understanding, faster.

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Data-centric tooling for natural language.

A complete productivity suite for discovering, training and maintaining intents, entities and utterances at scale.

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Raw, unstructured data IN.
Accurate data OUT.

Transform voice call center transcripts, live chat logs, customer reviews, help center tickets, search queries etc into perfectly categorized and accurate knowledge and AI training data.

Plug & Play Capabilities

When it comes to working with natural language data, HumanFirst replaces Excel, the need for specialized resources, or building & maintaining expensive tooling.


Process and manage millions of utterances in real-time.


Search, labeling & clustering powered by machine-learning provide 100x efficiency gains over Excel.


Import voice transcripts, live chat logs, email, help desk search queries and tickets, chatbot interactions, social media, and any other natural language data.


From scratch-pad to production data, centralize and collaborate around your data, regardless of technical skillsets.


HumanFirst ingests, indexes and provides real-time processing capabilities across your datasets.
You own the data.

Cloud or on-prem

We're GDPR compliant, hosted on Google Cloud infrastructure. If you'd like to deploy to your own cloud, we have a container for that.

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Data-centric AI, made easy.

HumanFirst offers the most comprehensive infrastructure and
feature-set to deliver and scale NLU.

Data Pipeline & APIs
$ 0.00 USD
per seat / month  

Ingest, index, query, and export your data

Flexible data ingestion through APIs
Support for utterance and conversational data
Developer-friendly APIs and CLI
Fully managed and horizontally scalable
Specialized indices powering semantic search and interactive clustering
Extensible to custom NLU models
Natural Language Data
$ 0.00 USD
per seat / month  

Explore, search and label natural language data

Multilingual NLU
Model assisted active learning labeling workflows
Full-text and semantic search
Interactive real-time clustering
Actionable intent-coverage analysis
Use your intent hierarchy to discover other intents
Intents & Entities at Scale
$ 0.00 USD
per seat / month  

Maintain and improve your model's data

Flexible, hierarchical intent organization
Re-use intent & entity data across workspaces
Split & merge intents
Intent disambiguation workflows
Entity discovery and management
Export intents and entity data in any format
Track data provenance
Save additional tags and metadata on any intent or training phrase
K-fold cross-validation
Exportable confusion matrix
Extensible, Enterprise-grade
$ 0.00 USD
per seat / month  

Customizable, flexible and developer-friendly

CLI to integrate with existing CI/CD or development pipeline
Workspace revisions, diffs, revert, cloning
Extensible data sources and re-usable datasets
Advanced users permissions
On-prem deployment (fully air-gapped possible)

View detailed features.

Made for teams.

Whether you're building chatbots, automating customer support requests, analyzing voice of the customer data or fine-tuning ML models, HumanFirst has got you covered.

Conversational AI Development

Customer Support and Operations

Voice of the Customer Analytics

Data science and ML engineering

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Product Support

Speak directly to our team anytime via live chat (9am-5pm EST) or join us on Slack.

Want to read some docs or checkout our APIs?
We're happy to jump into a Zoom if you have technical questions.

Finally, feel free to use our contact form or send us an email if you prefer to keep it old school.

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