Your data, your decisions, your custom AI.

Power business insights and design GenAI performance with task-specific prompt and data engineering.

Build repeatable solutions to real problems with reliable AI.

Human-in-the-loop decisions powered by prompt and data engineering to accelerate the way you work.


Observe and refine large datasets to find performance gaps and test solutions.


Use curated data to design and improve LLM performance for any task.


Monitor full data lifecycles to backtest performance, quantify ROI, and build better solutions for your customers, team, and business.


Accelerate time to market with automated data workflows that support cross-functional, non-technical collaboration.

As Seen In

Introduce your data to your prompts.

Work with large language models (LLMs) across evolving datasets. Apply prompts to data at scale, and isolate data to pass through prompts.

Bringing GenAI into the enterprise.

We help companies build high-value solutions from ground-truth insights.

Deloitte’s Transformation: 
90% faster, 80% cheaper.

“It previously took a team of four people to perform topic modeling over five days [...] with HumanFirst, we only needed two people and performed the same amount of work in one day.”

Anand Nimkar
Chief Architect of Generative AI
A Powerful Partnership

Google Cloud + HumanFirst.

Unlock rich insights and customer experiences using your raw unstructured data with Google Cloud and HumanFirst.

Enterprise grade securityEnterprise grade security

Enterprise grade security.

  • SOC2 Compliant

  • Access to data on premises

  • Advanced user permissions

  • SSO & SAML

Enterprise-ready integration.

  • On-premise deployment

  • Bring Your Own Model

  • Developer-friendly API & CLI

  • Multi-tenant architecture

Work with the model of your choice on data from diverse sources.

Turn unstructured conversational and text-based data into actionable insights and scalable AI.

Let your data drive.