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The complete no-code, data-centric
NLU design suite

NLU design allows you to create labeled NLU datasets from your raw text and conversational data, bottom-up.

NLU design for Conversational AI

Increase the coverage and accuracy of your conversational AI on a continuous basis. Discover new intents, improve existing ones with additional training examples and edge-cases from real-life conversations, and prioritize new dialogue flows based on volume of similar requests.

NLU design for CCAI

Explore ASR voice data with clustering, semantic similarity (powered by LLMs) and model-assisted search filters. Curate long-tail NLU training datasets for your CCAI use-cases 10-100x faster.
Build, manage and re-use thousands of custom intents and entities across your customer support and contact center channels.

NLU design for CX

Get rid of spreadsheets and clunky keyword searches. Explore your voice of the customer data, help center tickets, website & helpdesk search queries, social media, emails, product reviews, customer feedback, NPS verbatims etc ... with the swiss-army knife of natural language data.

NLU design for Large Language Models

Easily apply high-dimensionality LLM latent spaces to explore and label nuanced and high-noise unstructured data (like voice data). Prepare fine-tuning datasets for LLMs from your labeled data. Store, explore, categorize and supervise the output of generative models.

Centralize all your unstructured text & conversational data

Integrate any text or conversational data source via our robust UX, native integrations, CLI and APIs.

From exploration to production with
10-100x efficiency

From exploration to production with
10-100x efficiency

Explore unstructured data with full-text search, real-time semantic search, and clustering.

Combine clustering, semantic search, and trained model evaluation metrics (similarity, entropy, margin, uncertainty) to pinpoint the exact data you need.

Convert unstructured data into hierarchies of labeled intents that easily scale to the thousands

Refactor with drag & drop interface to organize, split, merge and move intents & entities

Fast, flexible, stress-free and quality-guaranteed labeling experience.

Seamlessly evaluate NLU performance against multiple models

Generate actionable K-fold split reports for intents and entities

Track evolution of model data with revisions and compare diffs between snapshots

Import data across workspaces with Github-level merge and diff flows

Reuse taxonomies across verticals, sectors or projects.

Apply resulting data to business and artificial intelligence

Export and synchronize your data with NLU, LLM, conversational AI and CCAI providers.

Bring perfectly categorized taxonomies of labeled text and conversational data to your team: provide qualitative and quantitative insights to inform CX priorities and roadmaps.

Let NLU inform your decisions and
accelerate your digital transformation

The Enterprise-Ready solution

No-code enviroment

Collaborative workspaces

Track data provenance



Flexible data ingestion

Bring your own NLU or LLM

Revisions, diffs, revert, cloning

Advanced user permissions


Horizontally scalable

On-prem deployment

Future-proof your roadmap with an enterprise-ready NLU data hub, pipeline and APIs

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Case Study
Woolworths Group


Previous intent taxonomy built for loyalty program using manual workflows and a top down approach took months to build and had very bad performance (70% F1 score, 55% accuracy)


Rebuilt entire intent taxonomy using production chat transcripts and utterances in under 2 weeks using HumanFirst Studio. The resulting model was drastically improved (94% F1 score, 89% accuracy)


F1 score


accuracy in first


gain on model

What customers are saying

"In 6 hours of work
with HumanFirst, I’ve
improved our model’s
F1 score by 6%”

-Large supermarket chain

HumanFirst has changed the way we design, build and monitor our bots. As we have millions of conversations every month, monitoring and getting insight into what our customers are really saying was like a needle in the haystack.

- Conversation Designer, Retail, 10,000+ Employees

“You are solving one of the biggest pain points
in conversational AI”

-Multinational pharmaceutical company

"HumanFirst delivers every aspect of what we were looking for and then much more. With it, we are able to build and maintain accurate voice of the customer models that help us drive actionable insights

-Analytics Manager, IT & Services, 10,000+ Employees

“In our initial tests,
HumanFirst yielded 200%+ improvements
in intent coverage,
precision, recall,
accuracy over our
current process”

- E-commerce enterprise

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