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HumanFirst Studio accelerates
conversational AI development

Real conversations, always in the loop.

HumanFirst Studio makes working with conversation logs to train and maintain your AI a breeze - connect your live chat platform to import historical chats, and link your real-time conversations once your AI is deployed.

Our machine-learning-assisted workflows replace costly, manual and ad-hoc processes with a seamless experience that allows you to continuously improve the performance of your AI with real data.

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Powerful workflows to improve intent coverage and accuracy.

Guessing what intents you need to train, and coming up with training phrases manually is painful - and often leads to low coverage and accuracy of intents.

HumanFirst helps you discover intents and train them bottom-up from your conversational data (historical and real-time), before and after you deploy.

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The CMS for the long tail of intents.

Creating and managing dozens (or even hundreds) of intents is near-impossible without a robust content management system (CMS).

HumanFirst is that CMS, allowing you to transform your typical "flat" list of intents into a hierarchy that provides complete flexibility to re-organize intents, re-assign their training data, and manage the "response" content (with support for multi-part responses, rich-media and multi-lingual translations).

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Put your data to work, instantly

When you're ready, deploy your intents to DialogFlow, Rasa, BotPress, Watson and others, and keep building.

Or, create and deploy amazing end-user experiences that Automate your front-line support and Augment your agents, without leaving HumanFirst.

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