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Dive into natural language with no-code superpowers

Find all conversations where "X" happened

Where this can be useful: you want to explore all real-life conversations where a customer asked "X", to document the dialogue flows and edge-cases for conversational AI development.

Use labeled data to explore unstructured data

Where this can be useful: you've trained an NLU classifier, and want to see it perform in real-time on new data.

Find clusters of semantically similar data

Where this can be useful: you want to explore and drill down into specific topics or intents within unstructured data.

Discover utterances least similar to labeled data

Where this can be useful: You have an existing chatbot, and want to discover that things that people are asking that it wasn't trained to understand yet.

Find coverage % of "X" in raw data

Where this can be useful: You're prioritizing what chatbot flows to implement based on the volume of search queries that each request represents within your unstructured data.

Identify errors in noisy-labeled data

Where this can be useful: you have a human labeling team, and want to identify quality issues.

Build taxonomy of intents for new project

Where this can be useful: You're building the initial set of intents for a new project, and want to build it collaboratively with different stakeholders.

Bulk label training examples

Where this can be useful: You've got a production NLU, and want to add new training examples from the on-going conversations to improve its performance.

Evaluate performance of NLU model

Where this can be useful: You want to understand the exact performance of your NLU model at the intent and training example level.

Verify effect of data changes to NLU

Where this can be useful: You're doing a lot of work on the NLU data, and want to understand and track the effect of changes on the underlying NLU's performance

4 specific ways to use HumanFirst

If you're building chatbots or virtual agents

Increase the coverage and accuracy of your chatbot on a continuous basis with incoming data: discover new intents, improve existing ones with additional training examples and edge-cases from real-life conversations, and prioritize new dialogue flows based on volume of similar requests.

If you're building
IVR or call center AI

Use your ASR (voice to text) data transcripts to build NLU that addresses the long-tail (000's) of domain specific intents. Explore your raw conversational data using this trained NLU model.

If you're building value from voice of the customer data

Centralize all data sources (social media, NPS, reviews, emails etc) and build an NLU classifier that understands your specific VoC feedback. Discover and organize product / customer insights within the labeled data, share it with your team, and use it the resulting trained NLU to more efficiently explore VoC data at scale.

If you're building efficiency in support or operations

Connect your live chat, tickets, internal communication and other channels. Find conversations around any topic without having to use keywords, and save searches by labeling the data for further exploration. Jump to any labeled data's origin (i.e: the conversation, or source document) to easily explore the surrounding context.

There's no magic bullet.

“You are solving one of the biggest pain points in conversational AI”  - Digital transformation team @
Top 20 global biotech company

Plug & Play,
start right away

Platform Agnostic

Sync your data between HumanFirst and your existing conversational AI / NLU platform and workflows thanks to robust integrations, APIs, and command-line tools.


Empower the less technical individuals to manage the entire lifecycle of the training data. No longer a need to rely on the technical people on your team.


Work with voice transcripts, live chat logs, email, help desk queries and tickets, chatbot interactions, social media, and any other natural language data in 16 languages.


From scratch-pad to production data, centralize and collaborate around flexible workspaces, regardless of technical skillsets.


Our background is software security (our previous startup was a password manager trusted by millions, and acquired by Intel) - and we apply this expertise daily to keep your data safe and private.

Cloud or on-prem

We're GDPR compliant, hosted on Google Cloud infrastructure. If you'd like to deploy to your own cloud, we have a container for that.

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