Design next-level NLU.

Without Excel 😊.
"The tool that turned conversation designers, into NLU designers"
Conversation Designer, Retail, 10k+ employees
★★★★★ Capterra
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You need HumanFirst if

You're building, evaluating and improving chat bots

Increase the coverage and accuracy of your NLU on a continuous basis with incoming data. Discover new intents, improve existing ones with additional training examples and edge-cases from real-life conversations, and prioritize new dialogue flows based on volume of similar requests.

Conversation Designers NLU Designers AI Trainers Analysts QA Professional Services

For: ▪ Conversation Designers ▪ AI Trainers
▪ Analysts ▪ Professional services ▪ Consultants

You're deploying IVR, voice bots or Contact Center AI Solutions

Discover, build and curate long-tail NLU (thousands of custom intents, entities) from all your customer support and contact center channels (voice, text, tickets), centralized in one hub.

Call Center AI Specialists   Integrators CCAI platform developers Professional Services

You're analyzing voice of the customer, sales, or support data

Still using Excel or clunky keyword search?
Explore your raw support conversations (bots, agents), help center tickets, website & help center search queries, social media, emails, product reviews, CRM data, customer feedback, NPS, dark web (?) etc ... with the swiss-army knife of natural language data.

Product Owners Customer Support Managers Marketing Managers Anyone who wants to harness the power of natural language data!

You're fine-tuning Large Language Models

Prepare input data for LLMs like Co:here, OpenAI or Bloom. Analyze unstructured data with advanced and high-dimensionality latent spaces seamlessly. Explore and categorize model outputs (for QA / fine-tuning).

Anyone working with LLMs to build classifiers

"HumanFirst delivers every aspect of what we were looking for and then much more. With it, we are able to build and maintain accurate voice of the customer models that help us drive actionable insights"
Analytics Manager, Information Technology & Services, 10,000+ Employees
★★★★★ Capterra
Dozens of NLU superpowers in one productivity and creativity suite.

Full end-to-end data lifecycle management for NLU providing everything needed to transform unstructured data into next-level NLU for business and artificial intelligence.
Two-way sync with existing projects (DialogFlow, Rasa).

Convert flat intents into structured hierarchies / taxonomies that easily scale to thousands of well-structured, clean intents across workspaces.
Seamlessly evaluate NLU performance against multiple models (HumanFirst, DialogFlow, Rasa, or bring your own!).

Generate actionable k-fold split reports for intents and entities.

Track evolution of model data with revisions and compare diffs between snapshots.
Design NLU that makes sense of your data bottom-up, and from the ground truth: your data.

Your data needs refactoring, too.

Drag-and-drop interface to re-organize, move, merge and split intents + entities to adapt the data model to new learnings.

Build re-usable taxonomies of intents / entities across verticals, sectors or projects.

Share data and import across workspaces with Github-level merge and diff flows.
Import text, document or conversational data.

Explore unstructured data with a combination of full-text search, real-time semantic search, or similarity / coverage using trained NLU model.
Combine clustering, semantic search, evaluation metrics (uncertainty, entropy etc).. to pinpoint the data you need.
Find similar training examples and entities from your unstructured data.

Use active-learning to improve the signal and impact of recommended training examples on model.
The absolute fastest, flexible, stress-free, and quality-guaranteeing data labeling experience, period.
... and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Discover 50+ NLU design superpowers.
"HumanFirst has changed the way we design, build and monitor our bots. As we have millions of conversations every month, monitoring and getting insight into what our customers are really saying was like a needle in the haystack. HumanFirst gives us quick and efficient insight into how our bots are working, and what needs to be done to fix them."
Conversation Designer, Retail, 10,000+ Employees
★★★★★ Capterra
Make better decisions, and accelerate your digital transformation.  
Future-proof your NLU with an enterprise-ready data pipeline, APIs and centralized data hub.
"I love the way that HF can help me identify what customers are searching for. The searches are captured in Zendesk but without a way to organize that information it has little value. Organizing these searches by intent in HF allows me to improve SEO and CTR by adding search terms to existing articles, and also helps with gap analysis for topics we haven't covered yet."
Technical writer, Telecommunications, 501-1,000 Employees
★★★★★ Capterra