Put your
Natural Language Data to Work.

The complete productivity suite to transform natural language into business insights and AI training data.

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Powerful capabilities, for everyone.

Operating on natural language data made easy,
regardless of technical skillset.

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HumanFirst is like Excel, for natural language data.

The tool made for working with unstructured text and conversational data.

Simply powerful

HumanFirst makes working with natural language data easy, regardless of technical skillset.

AI-powered all the way

Our workflows accelerate the exploration, labeling and management of your data.
No pre-training required.

Any natural language

Work with voice, live chat, SMS, email, help desk, chatbot, social media, and any other natural language data.
Multi-lingual out of the box.

Team workspaces

From scratch-pad to production data, workspaces allow teams to collaborate around all natural language data, across all use-cases

Data is yours

HumanFirst ingests, indexes and provides real-time processing capabilities across your datasets.
You own the data.

Cloud or on-prem

We're GDPR compliant, hosted on Google Cloud infrastructure. If you'd like to deploy to your own cloud, we have a container for that.

Designed for domain experts.

Collaborate across the organization.

Product Owners

Explore voice of the customer data to identify issues, opportunities and build improved customer experiences.

Customer Support Managers

Track and report occurrences of specific customer requests, identify opportunities to improve quality and performance of agents, and gaps in self-serve content.

Conversational AI developers and Linguists

Continuously improve the accuracy and coverage of NLU models, by discovering and training intents from real-time conversational data.

Data scientists and ML engineers

Clean and reduce ambiguity within AI training data sets, measure resulting accuracy on external NLU providers like DialogFlow, Rasa and Watson.

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Our Mission

We want to make working with natural language data natural.

We view Excel as one of the most beautiful pieces of software ever created: a simple and completely flexible interface that exposes powerful operations (formulas, pivot tables etc) allowing anyone to organize and transform numbers and tabular data. Whether you use 2% of Excel's capabilities or are a power-user, you still turn to this tool anytime you have data you need to work with.

We aim for HumanFirst to be a similarly ubiquitous tool: a completely flexible interface exposing powerful operations (semantic search, clustering, labeling, disambiguation etc) for organizing and transforming natural language data around the simplest of interfaces, available to anyone.

We believe natural language data is the most untapped resource companies have today.

It has historically been hard and costly to harness natural language data, especially for people with less technical skillsets. By unlocking and democratizing the ability to work with this data, we are creating a generation of natural language owners, who will bridge the gaps between product, customer support, artificial intelligence and human augmentation roadmaps.