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Making sense of natural language is hard.
HumanFirst makes it easy.

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The productivity suite for NLP/NLU.

Everything you need to explore, create and scale AI data,
regardless of technical skillset.

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Join 900+ organizations investing in their data.

HumanFirst is the complete productivity suite for every use-case that depends on natural language data.

Conversational AI Development

Continuously improving the accuracy and coverage of chatbots, virtual assistants and other conversational AI experience post-deployment requires discovering and training intents from historical or real-time conversational AI data, at scale.

Customer Support and Operations

Searching through emails, tickets, live chat and other support channel data using semantics, not keywords.
Tracking and reporting specific customer requests, helping product and operations teams identify opportunities to improve quality and performance of agents and self-serve experiences.

Voice of the Customer Analytics

Exploring voice of the customer data and curating, organizing and sharing repositories of labeled verbatims and conversations around any topic or intent. Flagging trends and signals in data. Save your results as intents, re-use them as search filters.

Data science and ML engineering

Measuring and improving the performance of models, with powerful intent splitting, merging and disambiguation features powered by real-time ML recommendations.

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HumanFirst unlocks
natural language.

Transform call center transcripts, chat logs, customer reviews, help center tickets, search queries etc into perfectly categorized and accurate knowledge and AI training data.

Accelerate time to market, reduce risk & cost.

Using Excel, or building & maintaining tooling to scale NLU is painful, costly and time-consuming.


HumanFirst makes working with natural language data easy, regardless of technical skillset.

AI-powered all the way

Our workflows accelerate the exploration, labeling and management of your data.
No pre-training required.

Any data source

Import voice transcripts, live chat logs, email, help desk search queries and tickets, chatbot interactions, social media, and any other natural language data.
Multi-lingual out of the box.


From scratch-pad to production data, workspaces allow teams to collaborate around all natural language data, across all use-cases


HumanFirst ingests, indexes and provides real-time processing capabilities across your datasets.
You own the data.

Cloud or on-prem

We're GDPR compliant, hosted on Google Cloud infrastructure. If you'd like to deploy to your own cloud, we have a container for that.

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