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HumanFirst is a natural language data productivity suite to
design, test, and launch high-quality prompts and AI models that
power business insights, automation, and CX.

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The Productivity Suite for Natural Language Data.

Transform unstructured text & conversational data into artificial and business intelligence.
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Simple, flexible, and powerful

Improve Chatbots
Improve LLM Performance
Detect Halluncinations
Backtest Prompts
Analyze Text

Build confidently with a data-centric approach

HumanFirst makes sense of unstructured data quickly. With human-in-the-loop context and AI-powered features, teams can seamlessly build high-quality datasets to train AI models and test prompts right from the start.

Reduce costs, increase efficiency

Don't let resource bottlenecks slow you down. HumanFirst enables any team member to analyze, label, and manage data collaboratively, at scale.
Test and launch custom prompts and AI models you trust using HumanFirst. With continuous monitoring teams can fine-tune and iterate for optimal results.
A platform designed for evolving data. Streamlined workflows and robust search features make surfacing and building data-driven automations a breeze.

Launch and iterate faster at scale

Trust the performance of your applications and continually optimize with new data insights. Unlock the benefit of automation and design powerful customer experiences that have an impact.

Engineered for Enterprise

Low-code environment

Collaborative workspaces

Track data



Flexible data ingestion

Bring your own NLU or LLM

Version control
and cloning

Advanced user permissions


Scalable tooling

On-prem deployment

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