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A collaborative playground to transform unstructured data it into rich insights and powerful AI applications you can trust using Google Cloud and HumanFirst

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Make sense of scaling datasets quickly and continuously 

Connect HumanFirst directly with your unstructured data: contact center logs, emails, customer support tickets and more. Using human-in-the-loop and AI-powered features teams can smartly cluster data, identify macro and micro trends, and provide additional context to design labeled datasets according to your business needs.  

Test, iterate, and launch faster with Google integrations 

With streamlined workflows and integrations with Google CCAI, DialogFlow, BigQuery, and Vertex, HumanFirst is the fastest and most powerful way for teams to leverage unstructured text-based data to power BI dashboards, inform roadmap prioritization or continuously train and optimize custom NLU and LLM-powered applications at scale.  

Early access for Google Cloud customers

Google customers using HumanFirst can request pre-release access to new features and product developments. 

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HumanFirst & Google Cloud Announcement

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Deloitte Canada faced a challenging call center transformation project where the initial step focused on unlocking business-specific insights from a scaling company's call centers. The objective was to extract and translate highly custom insights into a data-driven roadmap.

“It previously took a team of four people to perform topic modeling over five days using our traditional analysis methods; whereas with HumanFirst, we only needed two people and performed the same amount of work in one day. This allowed our engagement team to deliver a high-quality solution to their client within budget constraints.” - Chief Architect, Generative AI @ Deloitte Canada

Reduction in cost
Increased efficiency
With HumanFirst and Google Cloud

Engineered for Enterprise

Low-code enviroment

Collaborative workspaces

Track data provenance



Flexible data ingestion

Bring your own NLU or LLM

Revisions, diffs, revert, cloning

Advanced user permissions


Horizontally scalable

On-prem deployment

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