Data engineering made easy.

Find full data fluency. Observe, organize, and operationalize your unstructured data as it scales. 

Trusted by Enterprise Clients
Trusted by enterprise clients

Curate and organize the precise datasets you need to understand your business and do your work, quickly and collaboratively.

Speak the language of your data at the speed of your business without the costs of manual analysis or the risks of training black box AI.


Continuously collect raw data points from diverse sources and easily explore their context. Hone in on problems that matters most.

Observe table


Use semantic search, clustering, prompt engineering and data curation flows optimized for human language to isolate the data that matters to your work.


Run the relevant datasets through tested prompts to surface insights, accelerate development timelines, and solve real problems.

Step by Step

How it works.

Collect & explore

Import data from diverse sources into an intuitive interface, and use powerful automations to quickly find what you need.

Collect and explore

Cluster & clean

Accelerate the process of grouping raw data. Automate labeling with easy human-in-the-loop oversight for dynamic, accurate annotation.

Curate & save

Select datasets you want to work with and save them to a stash to analyze further, pass through a prompt, or store for later.

Curate and save

Continue & iterate

Real-time integration to Rasa, Dialogflow, CCAI, and more make it easy to continuously ingest and operationalize raw data as it’s made.

Continue and iterate
3 main complaints from this data? Text data, conversational data, labeled AI data

Build from ground-truth insights.

Select everything you need and nothing you don’t.

A Powerful Partnership

Google Cloud + HumanFirst.

Unlock rich insights and customer experiences using your raw unstructured data with Google Cloud and HumanFirst.

Enterprise grade securityEnterprise grade security

Enterprise grade security.

  • SOC2 Compliant

  • Access to data on premises

  • Advanced user permissions

  • SSO & SAML

Enterprise-Ready Integration.

  • On-premise deployment

  • Bring Your Own Model

  • Developer-friendly API & CLI

  • Multi-tenant architecture

Work with the model of your choice on data from diverse sources.

Turn unstructured conversational and text-based data into actionable insights and scalable AI.

Let your data drive.