Intelligent solutions at speed and at scale.

Surface insights, empower agents, and build custom AI for better employee and customer experiences.

Trusted by Enterprise Clients
Trusted by enterprise clients

The truth is in your data.

Reduce handling times, improve containment rates, and create reusable knowledge content using prompts and data. Expensive data science teams and convoluted spreadsheets not required.



Make sense of unstructured data to find key call drivers, assess resolution journeys, and identify success opportunities.



Use real data to fix what you find; build automations into any business workflows, prioritize roadmaps, and augment agent training.

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Send organized data to integrated platforms for conversational AI and automations. Monitor data lifecycles to find errors early and iterate.


Better data, better decisions.

Identify customer needs, improve agent training, and build repeatable GenAI use cases with quality data design.

Speech detection

Speech detection & summarization

Apply powerful prompt and data engineering workflows across raw text and speech data. Use prompts to summarize full conversations, use data engineering to group them by call driver or resolution journey, then prompt re-organized datasets for deeper analysis.

Cross-functional workflows

Cross-functional workflows

What are the 3 main complaints from this data? Text data, conversational data, labeled ai data

Unlock massive troves of proprietary call center data for training and analysis. Explore it in a low-code interface fit for any analyst. Build highly custom insights into data-driven business roadmaps that update as your data does.

Performance management

Comprehensive performance management

Better data

Measure, manage, and monitor every conversation. Continuously ingest data and automate it’s design to spot hallucinations, find  performance gaps, and audit agents in real-time.

Transform CX with data-driven AI.


Improve prioritization

Avoid low value investments. Build customer-first solutions from ground-truth insights.

Build repeatable automations

Build repeatable automations

Train custom AI for any need. Streamline tasks for better employee & customer experiences.

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Streamline agent QA

Use data to mentor human and virtual agents at scale. Improve productivity and quality.

Let your data drive.