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90% faster & 80% cheaper; how Deloitte partnered with HumanFirst & Google Cloud to accelerate contact center transformations

September 1, 2023
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Deloitte faced a challenging call center transformation project where the initial step focused on unlocking business-specific insights from a scaling company's call centers.

Company name

About Company

Deloitte provides audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services to public and private clients spanning multiple industries. Deloitte serves four out of five Fortune Global 500® companies through a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries and territories bringing world-class capabilities, insights, and service to address clients' most complex business challenges. Our global purpose is making an impact that matters, and at Deloitte Canada, this translates into building a better future by accelerating and expanding access to knowledge.

The challenge 

Finding meaningful insights in scaling datasets is like searching for a needle in a growing haystack

Deloitte Canada faced a challenging call center transformation project where the initial step focused on unlocking business-specific insights from a scaling company's call centers. The objective was to extract and translate highly custom insights into a data-driven roadmap. However, as they delved into the project, the sheer volume of customer interactions in the form of call center recordings and transcripts proved overwhelming for manual processes and significantly slowed down their progress.

Analyzing this raw data was a time-consuming and costly process, and extracting valuable insights was akin to finding a needle in an ever-expanding haystack. To facilitate the desired transformation, Deloitte realized they needed a more efficient system to explore, analyze, and perform topic modeling.

The solution 

A streamlined approach to search, cluster, and easily uncover trends  

Deloitte worked with HumanFirst, which provided advanced natural language understanding capabilities, specially designed to extract insights within raw unstructured data in just a few clicks. Leveraging the platform allowed the Deloitte team to automate the process with human-assisted context of clustering similar transcripts and performing topic modeling.

“This breakthrough enabled our team to identify key call drivers and issues within the call  center and gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and areas for improvement.” - Deloitte

Features used  

HumanFirst’s NLU Design and Google Cloud infrastructure 

Using HumanFirst's NLU Design and Google Cloud, Deloitte could easily integrate Google Cloud's robust infrastructure and services that served as a strong foundation for storing, managing, and accessing the client's call center data. 

This direct integration between HumanFirst and Google Cloud ensured the scalability of the dataset without compromising Deloitte’s data modeling accuracy or performance.

“This flexibility proved crucial in handling our client's dataset and is accommodating for future or similar projects. As our client continues their journey with Google’s CCAI technology, there will be opportunities to further leverage HumanFirst and its integrations with Google’s digital ecosystem.” - Deloitte

The results 

Enhanced efficiency, actionable insights, all at a fraction of the cost

After implementing HumanFirst, the time required for topic modeling data saw a staggering 90% reduction, making analyzing large volumes of call center transcripts efficient with fewer errors and revisions throughout the review cycle.

“The time spent on manual analysis was drastically reduced, enabling the team to focus on higher-value tasks.“

With HumanFirst's built-in AI features, Deloitte was effortlessly able to surface insights and trends within the clients’ customer interactions. This enabled them to identify common pain points, call drivers, and areas for improving agent training, processes, and AI automation opportunities. 

The newfound qualitative data-driven approach facilitated prioritization and the development of a roadmap significantly impacting the unique business needs.

Moreover, the implementation also led to a remarkable 80% reduction in costs associated with the standard data analysis processes. 

“It previously took a team of four people to perform topic modeling over five days using our traditional analysis methods; whereas with HumanFirst, we only needed two people and performed the same amount of work in one day. This allowed our engagement team to deliver a high-quality solution to their client within budget constraints.” - Deloitte

In conclusion, Deloitte's partnership with HumanFirst and Google Cloud not only saved them a substantial amount of money but also transformed their data analysis process. By automating and streamlining the exploration of valuable insights, Deloitte could better serve their clients and drive positive changes in the insurance company's call center operations. 

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