Unlock rich data insights that
power your business 

A collaborative productivity suite that helps teams experiment with text-based data, surface insights, and build impactful AI.

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BI Dashboards
Data-first roadmaps
Conversational Data Design
Enhanced workflows

Make sense of complex diverse data sources

HumanFirst is a collaborative platform for data experimentation and design using your unique business data. Surfacing granular trends, cluster content, and design labeled datasets quickly unlock the full potential of your text-based data.

Design, build, and automate
with data-first precision 

Real-time integrations to Rasa, DialogFlow, CCAI, and more make it easy to identify opportunities, build, and automate with a data-first approach
Design your data for specific business needs and continuously improve with human-in-the-loop contextual business understanding and AI-powered features

Deliver better experiences that impact the bottom line

Data observed and refined in HumanFirst is primed to power BI dashboards, automations, custom expereinces, and launch better experiences for your customers, team and business.

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"Before integrating HumanFirst, identifying call center issues was guesswork affecting our call center's capacity. Understanding our data at scale was challenging, and identifying root issues was practically unattainable.

HumanFirst is providing data-driven insights that will help us build even better customer and product experiences. By implementing the automation recommendations produced by HumanFirst, we expect in the first phase, to remove repetitive interactions by our customer agents by up to 50%.”

- Jean-Sébastien Joli, CEO of Intelcom.

Engineered for Enterprise

Low-code enviroment

Collaborative workspaces

Track data provenance



Flexible data ingestion

Bring your own NLU or LLM

Revisions, diffs, revert, cloning

Advanced user permissions


Horizontally scalable

On-prem deployment

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