Tell your data's next story.
Create your next #win.

Transform your unstructured text data into
business and artificial intelligence data.
Start from the truth, your data.
Everything needed to capture value from natural language, whether:
You need HumanFirst if


You're looking for insights

Explore your raw text: customer support conversations (bots, agents), tickets, search queries, social media data, dark web, emails, product reviews, CRM data, customer feedback, NPS etc with the power of semantic search & clustering; label and organize your data in flexible hierarchies, that you can share with your team just like you share an Excel.

▪ Product Owners
▪ Customer Support Managers
▪ Marketing Managers
▪ ... among others!


You're building, evaluating and improving chat bots or virtual agents

Increase the coverage and accuracy of your NLU on a continuous basis with incoming data; discover new intents, improve existing ones with additional training examples and edge-cases from real-life conversations; prioritize new dialogue flows based on volume of similar requests.

▪ Conversation Designers
▪ Product Owners
▪ Labelers + AI Tainers
▪ Analysts
▪ QA
▪ Professional Service Teams


You're deploying IVR, voice bots or CCAI Solutions

Transform noisy voice-to-text data into highly-accurate long-tail NLU that can analyze, understand, augment and automate agent conversations.
Use the resulting NLU model to explore any unstructured data and extract insights.

▪ Call Center AI Specialists + Integrators
▪ CCAI platform developers
▪ Consulting Agencies
▪ Professional Service teams


You're fine-tuning
Large Language Models

Prepare data for input to LLMs like Co:here, OpenAI or Bloom. Analyze unstructured data with more advanced latent spaces. Explore and categorize model outputs (for QA / fine-tuning).

▪ Anyone working with LLMs to build classifiers

Make sense of natural language data like a pro.
A single creativity and productivity tool to explore and process unstructured and labeled data with unlimited flexibility and creativity.
Make better decisions, and accelerate your digital transformation roadmap.
Future-proof tooling and secure hub for all natural language data.