Today we're excited to announce HumanFirst is partnering with Google Cloud to help businesses around the globe transform unstructured text-based data effortlessly into actionable insights and powerful AI applications.

A powerful partnership to build powerful data-centric AI

We built HumanFirst to be a collaborative low-code platform that helps teams experiment with data, surface insights, and test AI and prompt performance within a flexible playground environment. We're excited to further enhance this experience with Google Cloud and help companies integrate and build custom AI faster with performance they can scale and trust.

Better together, how it works 

Connect HumanFirst directly with your unstructured data: contact center logs, emails, customer support tickets, and any other text-based dataset. Then use HumanFirst's human-in-the-loop and AI-powered workflows (semantic search, clustering, and prompt engineering) to smartly structure your data, identify granular trends and design labeled datasets according to your business needs. 

With streamlined workflows and integrations with Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI), Dialogflow, BigQuery and Vertex AI, businesses using HumanFirst can quickly make sense of their data in real-time and design high-quality datasets to power business intelligence dashboards, inform roadmap prioritization, refine operational processes, or continuously train and optimize custom Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Large Language Model (LLM)-powered applications.

HumanFirst’s data productivity suite also empowers non-technical users to quickly understand and transform their growing datasets in ways that evolve and remain true to their business, even at scale.

Case Study: Deloitte x HumanFirst x Google 

Deloitte Canada faced a challenging call center transformation project, aiming to unlock business-specific insights from a scaling company's call centers. The objective was to extract and translate highly custom insights into a data-driven roadmap. However, as they delved into the project, the sheer volume of customer interactions in the form of call center recordings and transcripts proved overwhelming for manual processes and significantly slowed down their progress.

Deloitte collaborated with HumanFirst, which provided advanced natural language understanding capabilities specially designed to surface insights within raw unstructured data in just a few clicks. After implementation, Deloitte achieved results that were 90% faster and 80% cheaper than traditional methods to complete the project.

"Leveraging HumanFirst’s topic modeling tool within Google Cloud’s ecosystem accelerated our approach to understanding call drivers in our client’s contact centers. HumanFirst’s user-friendly interface and AI-powered features cut down the time previously required for complex processes, allowing our data scientists and analysts to concentrate on the critical task of labeling. Moreover, the tool’s collaborative features and seamless integrations into Google Cloud’s suite of applications improved the team’s workflow and process. Another key differentiator of the tool is its capability to yield granular insights by decomposing overarching call topics into more specific elements such as intents, sub-intents, and entities. Ultimately, we were able to deliver timely, and reliable insights for our client. Going forward, we will continue introducing HumanFirst’s tool and Google Cloud’s suite of technology to our other clients who need similar analysis across unstructured data." - Deloitte

“We are happy to have HumanFirst using Google Cloud’s generative AI technology to help customers better observe and understand their data, creating stronger, data-driven AI applications across business use cases,” said Rodrigo Rocha , Director of Global Partnerships, Google Cloud.

More exciting things to come

We're excited to partner with Google Cloud to enhance our product and bring our platform to more customers.  You can now find HumanFirst in Google Cloud Marketplace and enjoy an end-to-end data productivity solution that connects directly with Google Cloud’s DialogFlow, BigQuery, and Vertex.

Google Cloud customers using HumanFirst can request pre-release access to new features and product developments.  This includes limited release access to our prompt engineering feature designed for testing Large Language Model (LLM) responses and custom prompts.  This feature ensures predictability and trust in the model, minimizing the risk of hallucinations or generic outputs. (Public release coming in Q4 2023) For more information, contact your Google sales representative, or get in touch with us here.

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