HumanFirst raises $5M to enhance its LLM features and scale AI-driven business insights

July 26, 2023
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HumanFirst raises $5M to transform conversational data into better business and artificial intelligence with low-code data productivity suite

We are thrilled to announce an exciting milestone at HumanFirst. We have successfully secured $5 million CAD in seed funding led by  Panache Ventures, with additional support from Inovia, Real VenturesBoxOne Ventures, N49P, and an incredible group of angel investors including Kevin Mahaffey.

At HumanFirst, we remain committed to addressing the complex task of building dependable custom prompts and AI models that instills confidence. With the ever-growing accumulation of complex data from sources like call centers, chatbots, emails, and feedback, businesses face an amplified demand for transforming this data into powerful AI applications and automation. However, a lack of suitable tools, data insights, and technical resources makes developing scalable solutions difficult from the start. 

Introducing HumanFirst 

HumanFirst is a data productivity suite to launch high-quality AI that powers your business insights, automation, and CX experiences. Our platform combines human-in-the-loop context and discovery with AI-powered features to ensure your datasets deliver exceptional performance and maintain predictability in natural language understanding and generation throughout the development process. 

With an easy-to-use interface, cross-functional teams can seamlessly validate and iterate prompts and AI models using different inputs to control generated results in real time without the need for spreadsheets or technical expertise.

"Before integrating HumanFirst, identifying call center issues was guesswork affecting our call center's capacity. Understanding our data at scale was challenging, and identifying root issues was practically unattainable. It has enabled our team to comprehend our data in ways that we haven't before. HumanFirst is providing data-driven insights that will help us build even better customer and product experiences. By implementing the automation recommendations produced by HumanFirst within our call center, we expect, in the first phase, to remove repetitive interactions by our customer agents by up to 50%.” –  Jean-Sébastien Joli, CEO of Intelcom. 

"HumanFirst's data-centric approach to simplifying and improving AI models for both technical and non-technical users is unprecedented. Their technology allows enterprises to discover and operationalize business and customer insights in ways that have not been possible before with scaling conversational datasets. Given the team's deep technical expertise in AI, we believe HumanFirst is well-positioned to address the challenges enterprises face in optimizing their data." – Scott Loong, Partner at Panache Ventures. 

Join us, we have exciting things ahead

We are immensely grateful for the trust we have received from our customers, investors, and the broader community. 

As we continue on this exciting journey with our growing customer base, we look forward to tackling new opportunities that lie ahead to improve the way companies design, build, and launch AI.

If you are interested in joining our team, we are actively hiring globally and plan to double our headcount in the coming year. Applications welcome at [email protected].

If you would like to get in touch or learn more about our product, schedule a demo.

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